Alouette Lake

A very hot day at Alouette Lake, Golden Ears Park, near Maple Ridge, BC. Water was refreshing but not too cold, it was interesting watching all the famillies turn up with BBQs Coolboxes, canopies etc  and set up for the day. I think we were lucky to be there on a relatively quiet day, despite … Continue reading Alouette Lake

Kanaka Creek Riverside Trail

Photos from an amble around the Kanaka Creek Riverside nature trail with Barbara & Dave. Although we didn’t see any bears, we certainly saw signs of recent activity, including paw prints in the mud and claw marks on a tree.

Maple Ridge

Big thank you to Barbara & Dave for welcoming us to their home in Maple Ridge, the trailor was just right for us! Great to get to spend some time with Simon too. Here’s some photos from our time there… More to follow soon.